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I write stories and make music.

When I was a boy I improvised a jazzy version of "Suicide is Painless"(the theme to M*A*S*H) on the guitar.
I had a 4 track cassette recorder and I think I blew up my Dad's stereo at some point. I read Shogun by James Clavell in the second grade, that was weird.

I went to college to study Jazz. Improvisation is everything.

I hear music in everything; my feet when I run, an MRI machine, the sirens outside.
It's been pretty wild to do this for a living.


I've scored Television programs for the Great American Country Channel, Biography Channel, A+E, PBS Kids Sprout, HGTV, and the Golf Channel.

Including ; Farm Kings, Caddy for Life : The Bruce Edwards Story, Biography : Bill Murray, Biography : Joaquin Phoenix, Biography : Rodney Dangerfield, Homeward Bound : John Mellencamp, Inside Story : Saturday Night Fever, Biography : Morgan Freeman, Mad Mel : The Rise and Fall of Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen : Bad Boy on the Edge, Inside Story : Dances With Wolves, Inside Story : Fatal Attraction, Inside Story : Santa Clause, Hollywood High Tech, Why Powerful Men Cheat...

I also write music for TV and radio commercials. America's Best, MediFast, car dealerships, Infomercials etc.

I won a 2011 Emmy Award for Outstanding Musical Composition/Arrangement, and have some Grammy nominations tucked away somewhere.

As of April 2007 I am on staff as a Sound Designer and composer @  Center City Film and Video. Whiz, zing, beep beep.


And the writing. From foot creams to political ads, comedic shorts to intranet education, I try to create clear, engaging stories that keep folks watching. Our team at Electric Kite is awesome and I'm proud to be a part of it.


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